Thank you for stopping by to see what Kalypso Gold Radio is about. First. we are Kalypso Gold, and named after the mythical Greek nymph of the same name. Your homework for today, should you accept the invitation to do so, is to carry out an internet search to find out more about her.

Kalypso Gold Radio is a not for profit fully licenced radio station  broadcasting from Whitstable in the United Kingdom. All presenters broadcasting for us are volunteers and use their own broadcasting software and recording facilities to either broadcast "Live," or to submit recorded shows. If you wish to let us know about yourself, your passion for radio, your ability to produce and present shows please contact us via You are welcome to contact us if you are just starting out in the world of radio. My firm belief is we all started somewhere, and developed from there. Remember though, we are a gold station and don't accept dance, trance, or any of the material that cannot be considered as "Family Friendly."

The station owner, Peter Haynes, has long been a supporter of Charities while working for different stations over the years. Now he is a station Owner/Manager that tradition goes on. Please visit our Working With Charities page for details...again, this page is under development.

We advertise our schedule on Facebook daily. We are still developing this website and will be adding access information in the next couple of days.

Join us..

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