NEWS.. Kalypso Gold will continue to broadcast for as long as illness does not overwhelm us. We all thank you for your continuing support as listeners and for messaging us via Peter Haynes Fb Messenger service, or via https://www.facebook.com/peter.haynes.33  Thank you.

We will be making some interesting changes to the weekend's schedules with effect from the first weekend of April 2020. We will be showcasing some of the best listened to presenters on Saturdays during the daytime. Please look out for details of changes as they are announced on Fb as shown above. I can promise you some outstanding and very professionally produced programming. 


We have named our station Kalypso Gold. Kalypso,(Kalypso,kəˈlɪpsoʊ/; Greek: Καλυψώ) is a mythological Greek nymph.) Her story is fascinating but too long to include here.


Our email address is kalypsogoldradio@gmail.com

Kalypso Gold studios are in Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom. We are fully licenced. We carry a limited amount of advertising. Please see our Advertising page regarding advertising and sponsorship.

Kalypso Gold is available on Roberts Internet Radio, worldwide. Search for Kalypso Gold. 

We are also available via:

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All Amazon Alexa  devices. If you are a first time listener to Kalypso Gold, sat Alexa, enable Kalypso Gold Radio. After that you can use "Alexa, play Kalypso Gold Radio," or "Alexa, start Kalypso Gold Radio."

TuneYou.com via  https://tuneyou.com/radio/Kalypso-Gold-Radio-sn15709/ 











Millions of people world wide are fans of Gene Pitney, and the hunger for his music doesn't look like being satisfied just yet. At Kalypso Gold Radio we are running two shows weekly that help satisfy the need for more. Around 3 years ago, Rodney Collins began producing and presenting 30 minute shows featuring Gene, interviews he had conducted with Gene and more information about the music than anyone ever thought existed. The show became a hit. It wasn't long before the shows became 60 minute shows that included requests and listeners memories. Over a year ago I suggested re-running the archived Gene shows. The challenge was accepted and the shows have become a hit all over again. Running alongside the Archived shows is Gene Pitney and Friends...The NEW Shows. Both shows are carried on Kalypso Gold Radio. Request to be included in The NEW Shows can be sent to rodney.collins@gmail.com
Times are:
Gene Pitney & Friends...From The Archives at 9am Sunday Mornings and Thursdays at 7pm.
Gene Pitney & Friends...The NEW Shows runs at 7pm Tuesdays and Fridays at 8pm
All shows are Radio Services Copyrighted
Shows can be heard via the links shown above



© Copyright Kalypso Gold